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Welcome to MENACIS 2020
From closed to Open Innovation : A Game Changer for Value

A scientific conference organized every year. The MENACIS conference (Middle East & North Africa Conference for Information System) deals with research topics related to technological advances serving industry.

MENAIS was created to represent the governance of the AIS association in the region. The Association for Information Systems (AIS), created in 1994, is an international non-profit professional association whose mission is to serve society by advancing knowledge and promoting excellence in practice and the study of information systems.

The objective of this year's congress is to bring together several participants from several countries. In addition, especially involve organizations and companies involved in the themes proposed in MENACIS. To make it a place of exchange between academic and industrial players. During the conference, we plan to organize presentations of solutions and services by the partner companies of the conference.During the conference, we plan to organize presentations of solutions and services by the partner companies of the conference.

MENACIS attracts multidisciplinary contributions on information systems in the fields of business and management, strategy, marketing, human resources, accounting, logistics, finance, supply chain, economics, IT and information engineering mainly submitted by international academics.

MENACIS2020 is the third international conference organized by the MENA-AIS chapter of the AIS. MENACIS 2020 invites academics and researchers, from all over the world but also especially from the MENA region, to reflect on innovative research in information systems, from the point of view of a rapidly changing world.

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Pr. Helle Zinner Henriksen

AIS VP for membership

Pr. Yasser BIAZ

General Manager & Founder, UM6P Ventures

Pr. Antoine Harfouche

Menacis Fondator

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Keynote Speakers

Pr. Sherif Kamel

Dean, School of Business of The American University in Cairo; and, President of The American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt


Director HEM Business School, Morocco , Chairman of the Association of African Business School (AABS)

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Call for Papers

Accepted papers have the opportunity to be invited to submit to publishing in:

  1. Springer Lecture Notes.
  2. Information Systems Management and Innovation (ISMI).
  3. Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems.

Conference proceedings

Information Systems Management and Innovation (ISMI).

Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems


MENACIS welcomes your submissions of completed research and research in progress to the following conference tracks:

Track 1: Designing and modeling Smart Applications and Cyber-Physical Systems
Track 2. The open innovation on industry
Track 3 : Digital transformation to innovation
Track 4 : Organizational development and innovation strategies
Track 5: Impact of technology and innovation on business
Track 6: Covid-19 crisis impact on innovation
Track 7: E-learning Innovation post COVID
Track 8: IS and Sustainability

Potential topics of interests include, but are not limited to:

  • Open Innovation for different aspects of development
  • Strategies for combining digital models with closed innovation models in R&D programs (i.e outsourcing, crowdsourcing, etc)
  • Introduction, management and adoption of ICT across organizational boundaries
  • ICT in identifying new markets and new product development settings
  • Business Models that capitalize on reinforcements from external knowledge sources
  • Approaches to intellectual property protection and management from external organizations
  • Public policies aimed at promoting and improving the climate for information systems
  • Lessons from successful/ failed open innovation implementations
  • Disruptive potential to open innovations
  • Digital transformation and sustainability…
  • Decision support system: emerging tools for organization management
  • Innovation in government
  • Social networking in developing countries (DC)
  • Impact of technology and innovation on business
  • Innovative and effective industry
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Day 1. December 03, 2020
  • Opening session
    Thursday December 3th, 2020
    09:00 AM - 12:00 AM (GMT + 1)
    Room 1 (click here)
  • Inaugural speech: Pr. KABAILI Hind - ISCAE, Conference co-chair
  • Welcome speech: Pr. HARFOUCH Antoine & Pr. TARHINI Abbas - Founders of MENA-AIS Chapter
  • Program Presentation: Pr. FERDOUSSI Selwa - UM6P, Conference co-chair
  • Guest Speaker: Dr. HELLE ZINNER Henriksen - AIS VP Membership
  • Keynote Speaker: Pr. Sherif Kamel - Dean of the School of Business of The American University in Cairo; and, President of The American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt
  • Coffee Break
    Room 1 (click here)
  • Keynote Speaker: Dr. EL QUAMMAH Ali - Director of HEM Business School
  • Guest speaker : Pr. BIAZ Yasser - Director of UM6P Ventures, UM6P
  • Lunch Break
    Thursday December 3th, 2020
    01h30 PM - 03h30 PM (GMT + 1)
    Sessoion 1.1 : Smart Applications
    Sessoion 1.2 : Open innovation
    Sessoion 1.3 : Data collection and Security
    Room 1 (click here)
    Session 1.1 : Smart Applications
    Session chair : Pr. Mohamed Amine Issami, ISCAE, Casablanca
    IoT devices controlled using mobile apps  
    Benouda Hanane, Mohamed Lachgar, Selwa Elfirdoussi, Charaf Eddine Ait Zaouiat and Hind Kabaili. 
    A Sharing Economy Case Study: the Adoption of E-Scooter for Urban Micro Mobility  
    Shadi Almaradi, Marco De Marco, Luigi Laura and Antonio Miloso. 
    Smart Mobility: Data-fusion Frameworks under Uncertainty  
    Mohamed Benalla, Boujemaa Achchab and Hamid Hrimech. 
    Modeling Ambulance Mobility in Monitored Traffic to Achieve Rapid Emergency Response  
    Ayoub Charef, Zahi Jarir and Mohamed Quafafou.  
    Coffee Break Link
    Room 2 (click here)
    Session 1.2 : Open innovation
    Session chair : Pr. Mourad Oubrich, INPT, Rabat,CIEMS
    Motivations behind the adoption of OI practices: a content analysis approach  
    Oumlil Rachid, Hicham Faouzi and Abdelouahab El Boukhari. 
    A Case Study on the Open Innovation Strategy and Implementation: VitrA Innovates In and Out  
    Onur Demirel, Ceren Şahin and Nihan Yıldırım. 
    Hackathon as an Open Innovation Practice: A Literature Review  
    Fortune Chuku and Natasha Edeh. 
    Elaborated Frugal Innovation in Pull Mode for Middle- Income African Economies  
    Jihane Aayale and Nada Soudi.   
    Coffee Break Link
    Room 3 (click here)
    Session 1.3 : Data collection and Security
    Session chair : Pr. Wafa Elgarah, Al Akhawayn, Ifrane
    Open data for Moroccan license plates for OCR applications : data collection, labeling, and model construction  
    Abdelkrim Alahyane, Mohamed El Fakir, Saad Benjelloun and Ikram Chairi.  
    On Enterprise Data Encryption: Good, Bad and Ugly  
    Fabrizio d'Amore, Paolo Fantozzi, Luigi Laura and Diego Padovan.  
    A Policy Framework to Prevent Social Engineering Attacks  
    Hussain Aldawood.    
    An investigation of factors affecting Cloud Computing adoption of Local Government  
    Osden Jokonya.    
    Coffee Break Link
    Thursday December 3th, 2020
    04h00 PM - 06h00 PM (GMT + 1)
    Sessoion 2.1 : Digital transformation
    Sessoion 2.2 : Organizational development
    Sessoion 2.3 : Doctoral Consortium
    Room 1 (click here)
    Session 2.1 : Digital transformation
    Session chair : Pr. Wadi Tahri , ISCAE, Casablanca
    Reconciling Information Security with Digital Transformation  
    Bemenet Kasahun Gebremeskel, Gideon Mekonnen Jonathan and Sileshi Demesie Yalew.  
    The Fight Against Misinformation: The Curse of Digital Transformation  
    Gideon Mekonnen Jonathan, King Solomon Hailemariam and Leonardo Maxwell.  
    Transformation of The Audit Profession Based on New Regulations In a Developing Country 
    Nada Mallah Boustani, Zaher Boustani and Carla Khairallah.  
    Impact of Digital Transformation on the Oil and Gas Upstream Project Management 
    Sherin Kalleparambil and Tianxiang Lu.  
    Coffee Break Link
    Room 2 (click here)
    Session 2.2 : Organizational development
    Session chair : Pr. Dounia Dahab, ISCAE, Casablanca
    The effect of leader inclusiveness on innovative work behavior: the mediator role of leader-member exchange 
    Dina Sidani and Bissane Harb. 
    The Rise of Quasi-Humans in AI Fueled Organizations, an Ultimate socio-materiality approach to the Lens of Michel Serres  
    Charbel Chedrawi and Gloria Haddad.  
    The impact of organizational behavior in Information Systems Implementation  
    Driss Essabbar, Marc Zolghadri and Selwa El Firdoussi.  
    Factors Impacting Backers’ Behavior in Reward-based Crowdfunding: A Systematic Review Study  
    Muna Alhammad, Chekfoung Tan, Noha Alsarhani and Izzal Asnira.    
    Coffee Break Link
    Room 3 (click here)
    Session 2.3 : Doctoral Consortium
    Coffee Break Link
Day 2. December 04, 2020
    Friday December 4th, 2020
    10h00 AM - 12h00 AM (GMT + 1)
    Sessoion 3.1 : Social Media impact
    Sessoion 3.2 : Covid-19 crisis
    Sessoion 3.3 : Sustainability & Finance
    Room 1 (click here)
    Session 3.1 : Social Media impact
    Session chair : Pr. Ikram CHAIRI, UM6P, Benguerir
    Reasons for the intensive exchange on social media: the case of a small country  
    Leonel Matar and Georges Aoun. 
    The Impact of Social Media Use on Empathy and Wellbeing  
    Mousa Albashrawi, Yousef Asiri, Latifah Alqahtani and Muhammad Binsawad.  
    Expert Review on the Use of Social Media to Study the Relationship between Digital Empathy and Wellbeing Issues: Saudi Arabia Context  
    Yousef Asiri, Turki Alelyani and Abdulmajeed Alqhatani.  
    The role of Social Capital, Communication, Knowledge Transfer, and Intermediary in the University-Private Partnership in Saudi Arabia: A Theoretical View  
    Maram Hakami and Daniel Chandran.  
    Coffee Break Link
    Room 2 (click here)
    Session 3.2 : Covid-19 crisis
    Session chair : Pr. Saad Benjalloun, UM6P, BenGuerir
    How Refugees Perceive Digital Learning Systems During The COVID-19 Lockdown  
    Safa'A Abujarour and Mohammed Abujarour.  
     Predicting health mobile app acceptance: the case of Wiqaytna app to limit the spread of COVID-19 epidemic in Morocco
    Oumlil Rachid, Mohamed Oubal, Abdelouahab El Boukhari and Chakib Hamadi.  
    A Survey of the E-learning tools to Fight COVID-19: A Case Study from Morocco  
    Layla Aziz, Samira Achki, Hanane Aznaoui and Abdelali El Gourari. 
    Towards a new model linking AI adoption and firm’s performance: the intermediary role of organizational agility  
    Mohamed Amine Marhraoui and Abdellah El 
    Coffee Break Link
    Room 3 (click here)
    Session 3.3 : Sustainability & Finance
    Session chair : Pr. Rachid Oumlil, ENCG, Agadir
    ICT use for Sustainability in Developing Countries - The case of the Lebanese Private Sector  
    May Sayegh and Dina Sidani.   
    ICT in Higher Education for Sustainable Development The Case of a Private University in a Developing Countries  
    Nada Mallah Boustani and Dina Sidani.  
    Underpricing process of IPOs in Tunis Stock Exchange: An Agent-based modelling approach  
    Sahbi Missaoui and Nizar Raissi.    
    The two sides of Libra’s coins: perceived risks and opportunities for both companies and users  
    Marco De Marco, Francesco Gozzo, Luigi Laura and Antonio Miloso.     
    Coffee Break Link
  • Lunch Break
    Friday December 4th, 2020
    01h30 PM - 03h30 PM (GMT + 1)
    Sessoion 4.1 : Adoption of ICT
    Sessoion 4.2 : Machine Learning & Big Data
    Sessoion 4.3 : Decision support system: ET
    Room 1 (click here)
    Session 4.1 : Adoption of ICT
    Session chair : Pr. Jihane Ayaale, ISCAE, Casablanca
    Adoption du Cloud Computing et Gestion de la Relation Fournisseur : une lecture par la théorie d’agence  
    Wafa Bouaynaya.  
    Proposition d'un modèle explicatif de l’adoption du Service sans contact  
    Fatine Bouqlila and Dounia Dahab.   
    Satisfaction des auditeurs à l’égard des TAAO et leurs impacts sur la qualité d’audit Cas de Deloitte Nearshore - Maroc 
    Wadi Tahri and Abdelmounim Bouziane.   
    Adoption and impact of electronic human resource management: a systematic literature review  
    Fadoua El Hajjaji El Idrissi, Abdelhay Benabdelhadi and Hind Kabaili.   
    Coffee Break Link
    Room 2 (click here)
    Session 4.2 : Machine Learning & Big Data
    Session chair : Pr. Mohamed Sabar, ISCAE, Casablanca
    A survey on artificial intelligence in ophthalmology: keratoconus classification  
    Mustapha Aatila, Mohamed Lachgar and Ali Kartit.   
     Transfer Learning for Plants’ Disease Classification with Siamese Networks in low data regime
    El Mehdi Raouhi, Mohamed Lachgar and Ali Kartit.   
    Microfranchising, Robotics & Big Data for Vulnerable Groups The Case of TechOil  
    James Pérez-Morón.  
    An open access NLP dataset for Arabic dialects : data collection, labeling, and model construction  
    Elmehdi Boujou, Hamza Chataoui, Abdellah El Mekki, Saad Benjelloun, Ikram Chairi and Ismail Berrada.  
    Coffee Break Link
    Room 3 (click here)
    Session 4.3 : Decision support system: emerging tools
    Session chair : Pr. Nada Soudi, ISCAE, Casablanca
    Finance comportementale : rationalite et role des siad dans la prise de decision des investisseurs libanais  
    Leina Haddad and Claude Chammaa.    
    Recommendation System- A New Approach to recommend Potential Profile using AHP  
    Safia Baali, Abdelaziz Marzak and Hicham Moutachaouik.   
    Toward a Recommendation System : Matching Job /Resume using K-means Clustering  
    Safia Baali, Abdelaziz Marzak and Hicham Moutachaouik.    
    Emergent Digital Platform Design Through the Lens of Complex Adaptive Systems Theory  
    Lana Kovacevic-Opacic and Olivera Marjanovic.   
    Coffee Break Link
  • Closing session
    Friday December 4th, 2020
    04:00 PM - 05:30 PM (GMT + 1)
    Room 1 (click here)
  • Guest Speaker: Pr. OUMLIL Rachid - Deputy Director ENCG-Agadir and President of ARCID
  • Conference Awards: Pr. FERDOUSSI Selwa - UM6P, Conference co-chair
  • MENACIS2020 Evaluation: Pr. KABAILI Hind - ISCAE, Conference co-chair
  • MENACIS2021: Pr. ZAZA Sam - President Elect, Middle Tennessee State University, USA
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Organizers and Partners



Email questions about submissions to: